Ritual Massage.

Head are pleased to announce the introduction of our in house Massage Therapist Rachel.

Rachel, Our Therapist at Ritual Massage has over 15 years experience in all styles of massage therapy. She carries full professional qualifications, is super friendly and guarantees that Your visit to us will be a most relaxing, enlightening and healing experience.

Visit Rachel’s webpage: http://ritualmassage.cz

+420 774 087 531

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Price Guide

Relaxation massage 60 minutes 900kc

Deep tissue massage 60 minutes 900kc

Sports massage 60 minutes 900kc

Hot stone massage 60minutes 1100kc

Herbal massage 60 minutes 1100kc

Swedish body massage 60 minutes 900kc

Reflexology 60 minutes 900kc

Thai massage 60 minutes 900kc

Pre-natal massage 60 minutes 900kc

Full Body Rituals 60 minutes 1700kc

Aphrodite & Apollo 60 minutes 1700kc

Queen of Egypt 60 minutes 1700kc

Mystic dreams 60 minutes 1700kc

Couple massage 60 minutes 1600kc