Jonathan specializes in mens hair and has 25 years experience of any mens style you could imagine including European, Afro, Asian and Oriental hair types.

After studying hairdressing in Exeter and Bristol he started with his own small salon at the age of 18 in the city of Exeter in the south west of England and got gradually larger salons until his last, also called HEAD, which is situated up in the fashionable and historic Gandy street in the city centre and had nine stylists.

Past clients include Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Dominic Howard (Muse), Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Will Young (British soul singer) and Oliver Sweeny (Top British shoe designer). When his Czech wife Jitka, whom he met in 2002 while she was studying at Exeter University, became pregnant in 2007 with their first child they decided to sell up and move back to Jitka’s home city of Prague. It was a fresh start for Jonathan who, having sold an extremely successful salon in England, could embark on a new venture in the centre of Europe with a salon designed by himself and aimed at clients who find it difficult to explain what they want done to their hair without the aid of hand gestures and/or a Cesko/Anglicky phrasebook (you know who you are!!). Jonathan and Jitka now have three children.

SMS or WhatsApp: +420 728 137 379